Southern girl speaking her mind

90210…nanny style??

on July 17, 2012

Ok, so I’ll admit it– Beverly Hills nannies premiered on ABC family channel last Wednesday night and I just HAD to watch it. Several reasons why:

1) I LOVE reality TV shows (its almost like a car wreck, you wanna look away, but you just have to see it)

2) I like seeing mansions and lifestyles that I can no way afford or even affordlic one day (unless I miraculously win the lottery without even purchasing a ticket)

and 3) I’m a nanny

Before we moved to Texas, I was a pharmacy technician. I liked the job responsibilities overall, just not really the work environment that my former company possessed. After I got word that we would be moving to Texas, I learned that my out-of-state pharmacy technician license couldn’t be transferred — (and found out that my company currently had one of the better working environments for pharmacy work around) — I nixed the idea of trying to obtain my current job in my new state. I have always loved working with children, taking care of babies and children of all ages, etc. I even did childcare work for free for a few families as a favor. I remember distinctly waking up in the middle of the night one evening with the thought “I wanna be a nanny!”. The next day I then created an account on for a nanny position, found a family in my area in Texas, had a phone interview, then had a real interview once we moved here — and ta da! A couple weeks later I became a nanny to a wonderful family. This week will hit the one month mark with this nanny position and I must say I absolutely love it. I love this little girl that I take care of and I can’t wait for the mom to have baby #2 (due in January).

Needless to say, after I saw the preview for this new TV show, I knew instantly I had to watch. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this new show, a camera crew follows around the lives of several nannies in which they work for a family in Beverly Hills, CA. In addition to all the families being LOADED with their mansions, personal chefs, sports car, and overall fancy lifestyle, nearly ALL the mom’s are stay-at-home mothers. I think, really??, you are a stay-at-home mother (some with only one child too!) and you are seeking full-time nanny help? I guess between all their hair, nail, and tanning bed appointments, SOMEONE has to take care/raise their child(ren).

I see this and I think, “man, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with all of those crazy parents and an overwhelming chore list in addition to raising their children”. THEN I find out how much these nannies make… between $35-40 an HOUR! So then, I mentally retract my statement by thinking “okay, I could deal with all of that craziness for those big bucks”. I relay all of this to my husband who then states, “ok, well keep that in mind in case the Army sends us to California”. Today at work, as I’m playing with the most wonderful, sweetest, cutest 10 month old I’ve ever laid eyes on, my new mental statement “I wouldn’t change a thing!”.

So (for now, until the Army sends us to CA) I may not be bringing in big bucks doing my job, but the satisfaction I receive is priceless.

Goodnight from the southern heart!

P.S. — please check out Beverly hills nannies Wednesday evenings on ABC family!


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