Southern girl speaking her mind

Everything’s bigger in……the US?

on July 11, 2012

Today while scrolling through tweets posted by who I follow on twitter, @FactUP caught my eye by stating that “Boobs are getting bigger! The most popular American bra size is currently a 36C, up from 1991 when it was a 34B.” Since I was only in first grade in 1991 and I wasn’t really noticing women’s breast sizes at the time, I decided to do a little research about this statement.  According to a lingerie expert, ten years ago the average breast size was 36C and reported that today the new average breast size is a 36DD. Confused, I try to find another article to get a true answer, according to USA today from April 9th, 2012 — the average size is indeed a 36DD and the demand for larger bra sizes is increasing!

So what’s the culprit? We all know that the obesity and obese rate in the US is increasing as well, could this increase our boobs? Certainly can since women’s breasts are made up of fat in addition to mammary glands.  Is plastic surgery rates increasing? The guardian US version website states that plastic surgery rates are climbing despite the economy in it’s current state.  However, the most popular plastic surgery procedure is stated to be chin lifts — not breast enlargements.  Chin lift plastic surgery is up 71% since 2010 — really?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of a person getting a “chin lift” (except for maybe Heidi Montag). Breast enhancement surgery is up only 4% since last year.  Is this mere 4% the cause of the sudden increase in bra sizes? I certainly doubt it.

Is bigger ALWAYS better when it comes to boobs? What about those women who crave for a breast reduction in order to cure their back problems? Which type of women is more attractive (given that there aren’t a lot of women with the perfect combo –naturally– of a thin waist, thighs, hips with a well endowed breast size) a skinny woman with small breasts or an obese woman with enormous breasts?

Now, I’m not going to give you a lecture about how skinny/thin/whatever is better than a curvacious figure. I believe in being HEALTHY! Healthy individual inside and out.  I’m not saying to run to your grocery store and spend your entire pay check in the produce aisle and forget putting anything slightly unhealthy/comfort food into your mouth ever again. I’m saying to find out what size/weight/goal weight/whatever that makes you FEEL the best. Which foods give you the best energy, mental boost, emotional joy, etc and eat those! I highly doubt it’ll be a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s menu. However, when you enjoy fast food/restaurants/comfort food/etc eat in moderation — and enjoy life! Don’t go on a crash diet saying things like “I can’t eat chocolate ever again” simply just eat one candy bar a week/month/year whatever you want and not a million of them in the same week.

Or you can sit around at home and eat your big bucket of chicken, a 2 liter of coke, and a bag of chocolate in one sitting and instead of enjoying life — you’ll be “enjoying” your obese weight, type two diabetes, and your 44 GGG bra size.

The decision is yours, and LOVE who you are as a person inside and out! Feel HEALTHY (not only in food selection, but also remember any habits — I.E. smoking, excessive drinking, drugs, etc). I truly believe that loving yourself as a person and feeling healthy about yourself most definitely coincide. And if you are of those lucky women who have a size 4-6 frame and a C cup size — consider yourself just that, LUCKY (but still love yourself and your eating habits too 🙂 )

Goodnight from the southern heart!

P.S. — What do you think could also be a reason for the rise in bra size?


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