Southern girl speaking her mind

It’s official — I’m a Texan resident

on July 9, 2012

I’m officially a Texan resident and the process didn’t wanna make me kill myself, therefore Texas is now better than South Carolina.  When I was living in South Carolina, getting a drivers license at the DMV took at least 3 hours, vehicle registration took at least one hour, voter registration was another line, etc etc. It literally took ALL DAY! Last week, I went over to the DMV to get my Texas driver’s license — I went in, sat down, filled out the application for a new resident DL and my number was called about 30 minutes later. When my number was called, my response was “no way, what did I do wrong? I just got here.”  I was greatly satisfied that this was my number being called in order to give the clerk my birth certificate, social security card, proof of residence, and birth certificate — meaning that this was the whole process! I couldn’t believe it!! Twenty minutes later, I was walking out with my temporary driver’s license! 🙂 In South Carolina, it took at least two hours JUST for your number to be called! Let alone being addressed by someone who clearly didn’t want to work there, the clerk moving at the ultimate slow speed just for your patience to wear thin, then to wait AGAIN for your picture to be taken.

Today, I gear up to go to the county tax office to get my vehicle registered, license plates, and title transferred. I knew that THIS process would be sure take at least an hour or two. Low and behold, I went to the counter after waiting in NO line, with all of my paperwork, I stand there for a few minutes, write a check, and the receive my license plates and I’m told that my new title will be mailed to me in little as two to three weeks! This is incredible! I can’t believe how little time all of this took! (I was definitely procrastinating this process solely on the fact that it would take all afternoon).  Now, I get home and realize that I have NO clue how to put on a front license plate on my car. Oh well, good thing I have a loving husband to do this for me 🙂

P.S. — when I get my *real* driver’s license in the mail, my voter registration card will be with it. Really? Awesome.

Word from the wise, everyone move to Texas instead of South Carolina — it’ll be a painless process.

Good afternoon from the southern heart!


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