Southern girl speaking her mind

Welcome to Texas!

on June 30, 2012

Okay, so I realize it’s been too long since I previously made a post.  In all honesty, I almost gave up on my whole “blog” idea. I know, I know, I only made two posts, and one of them was just a tester-post. Why give up so soon? Well, no one is following my blog, I’m not sure if I wanna spread the word (I prefer to keep it anonymous for the time being), and we didn’t have internet for awhile.

So since my last post, the LoseIt App, I no longer use. The reason being, it totally worked and I have reached my goal weight! I am now 15 pounds lighter than I was in the previous posting and I totally did it without starving myself, crash dieting, or killing myself at the gym. I simply became more aware of my food choices, exercised when I could (but didn’t beat myself up if I only worked out once a week), and stayed active! It also helped that my previous job resulted in a ton of stress, standing up/walking around all day during shifts, and barely had time to eat.

However, the last few months have been very life changing due to the following:

1) my husband and I moved to Texas

2) I sought and found a new job

3) we became homeowners

4) took a 27 hour road trip to get here

Okay, so the fourth one isn’t REALLY life-changing, it was just one hell of a long trip (not to mention this was with our cat). Did I mention all of these reasons happened within a week? Because they did. Now that we have semi-settled into our new home, I have completely my first full week of my new job, and we have internet again (yay!), I can begin blogging for real.

Texas. Everything’s bigger in Texas. Don’t mess with Texas. Etc etc. Everyone has heard these catch phrases, but only Texas has actually lived up to their motto(s). Everything is bigger in Texas!! (and I’m not just talking about belt buckles here) – I mean, the restaurants, the downtown area(s), the interstates, and even just the basic number of people living here. Everything is HUGE! (at least compared to my previous location) — we do love life here and are looking forward to the next few years to come. And Texas is still in the south right?? I mean, it’s south-west technically, but at least I don’t have to change my blog name 🙂

So my first drive out onto the interstate here, I literally went 4 miles before I saw a road sign that states “Don’t mess with Texas”… I’m thinking, okay, their motto is on a large sign right off interstate (and why am I reading this when I don’t really know where I’m going yet…) — I have yet to truly discover what they mean by this and hoping I don’t get involved in a bar fight anytime soon, but maybe I will become enlightened and I can return to the subject at a later time.

Needless to say, our first two weeks have been enjoyable and I figure if its this enjoyable when it’s 105 degrees out…then things can only look up from here right?

Stay tuned for my Texas adventures! and Goodnight from the southern heart!


2 responses to “Welcome to Texas!

  1. Don’t mess with Texas is our anti-littering campaign….it is telling people not to throw their mess out the window…

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