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LoseIt! app

So my best friend and I have decided to use the app “lose it” in order to help us lose weight.  In addition to helping keep track of your personal progress, you can “add friends” and keep each other accountable (which is our biggest problem when dieting/exercising).  Today is day two of using the new app and I am trying to get swimsuit ready for our spring break trip to Mexico. I’m truly liking the app and would encourage anyone to use it as well. As I update my blog, I can update my loseit progess as well. My goal weight is 125 from the current 140 and the app tells me that I should hit my goal weight the second week of April if I stick with the program.

My husband is currently out of town this week and has helped kick start my loseit program by me not having to cook yummy homecooked meals (hence…hopefully weight loss)! I also scrolling through my current OnDemand network channels in order to find the perfect chick flick for me to enjoy by myself. Yes, alone. Why you ask? Well I have plenty of family and friends in the area since we have yet to move, however, I am sick.  I went to the doctor yesterday and was told that I have strep throat and a sinus infection. The sinus infection I predicted, however, not so much the strep throat. Oh well, at least at this rate I should be in the clear for Valentine’s day(evening), and hopefully at 2 pounds lighter according to LoseIT.

My newest project = crafting. As you can see, I’m trying to fill up my time schedule with my hubby out of town and having to be quarantined due to recent illness.  My latest discovery = PINTEREST. Whoever came up with this website, is clearly a genius! Not only have I started my account, but I have 9 boards and a couple hundred pins. For those of ya’ll that are on this wonderful website, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  For those who haven’t joined pinterest, I suggest you do. Not only will you develop TONS of ideas for cooking, baking, crafting, and shopping, but you can also follow my pinterest lingo talk (which I’m sure I will continue to use PLENTY of due to my recent obsession).  Sunday evening (before my illness) I made a trip to TJ Maxx and Michaels where I planned to buy a few things to begin my new crafting experience.  300 dollars later, I think I have severals idea for home decor crafting ahead of me. Yes, I said several because TJ Maxx sells more than just home goods items…clothes, shoes, etc… (hey my husband IS graduating this May.. a new dress and shoe ensemble was required!).  So not only does pinterest serve as a wonderful website for ideas, it also targets the fellow shopper at heart. Oh well, at least in addition to spending excess money, I will hopefully aquire some new home decor for our condo (then moving it all to our new home).

Whether you are Southern, Northern, Mid-West, or from the Hills… Pinterest and LoseIt are for you! This is unless you are already a size 6 or under or already have a home filled with beautiful homemade creations!  Maybe I can be hired to be a spokesperson? Well, first I need to use my LoseIT app for a few more weeks, then maybe I can be hired (hey it worked for Jennifer Hudson, right?).

Goodnight from the southern heart! Happy exercising and crafting!

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