Southern girl speaking her mind

Starting a blog

Having a blog is always something that has been on the back of my mind. I finally decided to do it. Why? Well my husband is currently busy and I’m trying to find a portal to hold my thoughts. I wish to remain anonymous. I do not want fame or fortune, simply an outlet to fellow bloggers.

I decided on “southern speaks” because, I’m sure you realize that I am from the south. I do say “ya’ll” on a daily basis, I eat shrimp and grits, and I usually end my answers with “yes/no ma’m/sir.”

I realize that my southern roots will stay with me as we are moving fairly soon. The location has yet to be determined and will find out shortly. Maybe this is a way to keep a bit of myself with me wherever we go as I will have to find a new home, job, friends, hangouts, etc. Will my southern antics be made fun of as I travel? Possibly. Do I care? Not really.

Southern speaks will be a way for me to discuss a variety of topics that I hope to share soon. This blog will not be of any topic specifically but my southern personality will always shine. I realize some of the stereotypes about southerners are that we are slow moving, slow talking, inbred, and racist. However, in most cases you will find that southerners are friendly, polite, open minded, and great cooks.  Who said you can’t drink sweet tea and eat grits everyday?

My inspiration to create a blog came from the one and only Jen Lancaster, of jennslyvania blog and the author of many memoirs. I can only hope most of ya’ll are familiar with her work. If not, you are truly missing out. She probably remains as one of the funniest women I have ever heard of or encountered.  The way her humor slips in her blog and books are truly of genius.

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